It’s no joke that I personally receive 5 emails a day from SEO companies that promise better results, they have no idea what the keywords are and haven’t even looked at my website. In addition, I receive calls from medical practice websites that have been punished by Google’s hummingbird algorithm, which runs counter to the best practices of many medical practices around the world. And 99% of these problems are due to a lack of understanding of Google and its algorithm, not the algorithm itself.
As Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land calls the new Google Hummingbird update, understanding medical practices is important. Digital marketers should come to Google’s Hummedbird to understand that the most important thing Google can offer is to create a page.
As more emphasis is placed on the content of the pages, authority becomes even more important and poses a greater threat to the relevance of search results. This update is designed to ensure that Google directs users to the right pages, not the wrong ones, to get the most relevant content and information.
Ultimately, the Google Hummingbird update will change a lot about how certain websites rank. Websites that publish useful information that matches the searcher’s intention have the potential to place better locally and organically, to generate more traffic to their pages, and to achieve higher placement in search results. Controlling the search on these pages probably helps to improve the conversion rate of your website.
With so much time since Mobilegeddon, it is easy to forget how dramatic the change in semantic search really was. Years after the event, it is important to remember the role that hummingbird played in the rise of mobile and voice search. A high SEO priority should be to deliver exactly what users want, in an easy-to-read format. Optimizing the most popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo is a give and take today – all for effective SEO.
Without an update to Google’s algorithm, semantic search may not be as effective as it is today. That’s why Google has released its latest Hummingbird algorithm update – it’s an important step in the right direction.
The bad news is that this kind of change takes a lot of time to form yourself and a lot of effort on your part.
Google has assured marketers that Hummingbird will not dramatically affect your company’s sound SEO practices. If you are an SEO expert or website owner, do you think you should adjust your SEO strategy after the Google Hummedbird update? There is much more to learn about what Hummerbird does and why it does it. So, when you read this article, note that it is not just a book, but also a book.
Hummingbird will not interfere with SEO performance as long as you provide original, high quality content. Previous factors that have helped you improve your search results, such as the inclusion of original content, will continue to be relevant in the new Hummedbird algorithm.
If you link to a reputable website or social network or share your site on these pages, Hummingbird will consider page by page relevant to your search. In addition to websites, you will also see Google responses, such as links to other websites on the same page, and other search results.
Most of us have considered the Google Knowledge Graph Update to identify relationships between people, places and things by drawing real-time answers from search results. Since Google can show you search results, the need for natural interaction has increased and disappeared.
Google’s undisputed search capabilities are combined with the interesting and valuable information provided by the Knowledge Graph. Knowing the semantic meaning of a search allows Google to go beyond simple keyword matches and return personalized search results to the user.
Many SEO webmasters are now asking if you need to change your SEO strategy to take Google’s new Hummingbird update into account. Is it business as usual or do you need to stay up to date with the latest SEO best practices?
This change to Google’s official quality guidelines is a sign that it is important for content marketers to continue to focus on originality, quality and depth to deliver value. SEO strategy, which is less dependent on keyword optimization (although it is still an important piece of the puzzle), can be derived from encrypted keyword data, you can derive from the new Hummingbird update and other changes in search engine optimization policies.
It seems that the best SEO methods will evolve with increasing semantic search. If you are busy filling keywords, disguising or buying links, there is a good chance that you will be stung by Google Hummingbird. As search engines continue to improve their ability to address the larger context of the question, the need to use exact keyword titles in picture tags and meta descriptions is likely to disappear.

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