medic google algorithm update

the Google medic update launch on 1,august,2018. it generally focus on health, medical sites, and your life your money[ymyl].this update is known as medic update because it focus on medical and health . initally it appeared to target number of medical websites but it has impacted sites wider than medical. in this update if you are hit with your organic search traffic dropped immediately.

purpose of medic update?
The Medic update’s purpose was to improve the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) of pages that have the power to affect a person’s well-being and happiness. Google punished pages to have a no or low E-A-T and rewarded website that had a high E-A-T.

what are ymyl websites ?
the pages which impact health ,happiness, wealth of users are classified as “your money your life ” websites.
some examples of ymyl pages are :-
1 shopping pages
2 medical pages
3 legal information pages etc

Strategy to check whether you are hit by medic update or not ?

there are two factors through which we can check we are hit by medic update. these two factors are :-

1 google analytics

we can check our google analytics which help to search organic traffic result . it will show if there is been a sudden drop in a traffic from sometimes.

2 baracude seo tool

this is a seo tool through which we can see whether an update had impacted on search traffic.

how to recover ?

1 identify pages that needed to focus and improve them.
2 link out more authoritative content which means the content must be refer to a trusted source that offer reliable information.
3 give all the details help to develop trust

conclusions :-
in this we can conclude that we must make our site content relevant completing all the factors covered under EAT EXPERTISE , authority and trustworthiness.