Maximize clicks.
With Maximizes Clicks, you set an average daily budget and the Google Ads system automatically sets your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids on your behalf, to get you the most clicks possible within that budget. For more control, you can also set bid limits to prevent your bids from exceeding that amount.
You can set a cap on bids when using a Maximise clicks bid strategy. It lets you control the maximum amount that you’re willing to pay for each click. If you don’t enter a maximum CPC bid limit, Google Ads adjusts your bids to try to get you as many clicks as possible while spending your budget.
Your Bid Strategy is a goal for your campaign that Ad Roll uses to automatically optimize which impressions to prioritize, and how aggressively we bid. For example, a goal could be to maximize the total number of Conversions, Clicks, or Impressions.
Maximize Clicks is the simplest way to bid for clicks—you set a budget, and Google Ads does the rest. You don’t need to choose specific bid amounts for your ad groups, keywords, or placements.
For more control, you can also set bid limits to prevent your bids from being set over that amount. While setting a bid limit offers tighter control, it might restrict your ad position and the number of clicks that your ad receives.
If at any time you don’t like the bid suggestions, you can easily switch to using Manual CPC bidding, which gives you full control to set the bid amounts yourself.
Maximizes Clicks isn’t available with the following: Display Network campaigns maximum objectives “Engage with content,” or App campaigns.
Bid adjustments based on day and time
Maximize Clicks was previously referred to as “Automatic bidding”
You can use Maximize clicks for a single campaign, or you can set it up as a portfolio bid strategy. Portfolio strategies group together multiple campaigns into a single strategy.
Target spend is a deprecated feature that allows you to select the amount you’d like to spend each day on all campaigns that use Maximize clicks bid strategy. Google has moved away from target spend as an input to simplify bid strategies.
Starting January 2021, all campaigns and portfolios still using target spend with the Maximize clicks bid strategy will use average daily budgets to determine spend for campaigns instead. Your average daily budget may be subject to overdelivery. Overdelivery refers to a situation in which Google may increase your ad spend in order to show your ads to more people (for example, on a day where traffic to your ads is slow). In this situation, Google may increase your campaign spend up to, but not above, 2 times your average daily budget.
For bid strategies that are still using target spend at that time, the maximum cost per click bid limit may be lowered. Bid strategies that do not have a target spend won’t be impacted.
Note: Through January 18, 2021, you can move away from the target spending setting with Maximize clicks bid strategy. Starting after January 18, 2021 our systems will remove legacy target spend settings and use your average daily budget to manage spend. Your bid limit may be lowered to minimize impact.

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