Is Google panda a part of the filter ?

Panda launched on 24 Feb 2011. First came with a filter. a few years later it was officially declared as an algorithm in January 2016. The main purpose of the panda was to try to show high -quality sites higher in search results.

What are the factors that panda hates?

1) Relevancy:- it means you searched something and the site comes up with something else. Eg. I want to buy a football I searched for football and the site came up with news of football

2) Website is not user friendly :- A website should be attractive, so the user will open and see the website as fast as he can and user friendly.Eg. Like alibaba it’s not a user-friendly website

3) Thin content:- a page that adds little or nowvalue to someone who is reading it is called a ‘thin page. It’s not necessary that a page should have certain number of words, but quite often, some page has very few words and they are not so powerfull.

4) Duplicate content:-A panda algorithm declares your site as a low-quality site if your content is copied from some other site.

5) Key word stuffing :- If someone uses a powerful key-word more than 5% then panda will declare it as a spam. Eg. My main key-word is ‘Financial Market‘ and my blog contains 200 words and I used my key-word 20 time I.e more than 5%.

What is the step we follow?


Same keywords don’t use multiple pages

2)  your sites should be  clean

3)  keyword use  3% to 5 % in post

4) be careful with affiliate links and ads

5) create own content

6) make userfriendly website