What is the RankBrain Algorithm?
RankBrain was launched on 26th October 2015. This algorithm is basically based on machine learning and uses artificial intelligence. This helps in evaluating the most relevant result on the search engine queries.
To understand the searchers query and for understanding the meaning of the query better. RankBrain was designed.
Recently RankBrain is called a part of Google Hummingbird algorithm. RankBrain update is also called Google’s third most important ranking factor
Why is RankBrain important?
This update was developed to focus on the unique queries which was updated on daily basis. This is an major part of organic search.
How RankBrain works.

– It understands the user search queries.
– Measuring how users are interreacting with the results
– Dwell Time (Means how much time the user spends on your website)
– Focus on CTR
– Bounce Range (It should be between 41% to 61%)
– Pogo Sticking (When a search engine user visits several different search results to find a result that satisfies their search query. For this provides internal linking)

How to Rank on Google with RankBrain Algorithm.
– Know your keyword.
– Your website Title should be very much attractive (creative as well as witty)
– Description should be problem solver with appropriate keywords.
– Your content should be in bullets. Give links, videos and images. (On-Page Optimization)

Make sure your website has some podcast or videos up to 2 to 3 minutes so that the user can get engaged. Always try to solve their queries. Keep them engaging. Give Call to Action.

Always think to users, when a user is engaging on your webpage ranking automatically improves.

Does this update help? It’s a total thumbs up. Start optimizing your content and make your website on the top. As it is one of the most important factors.