Bert update launched in Oct 2019 in America. the best update started in the English language only for 10 percent of queries. But, nowadays, a bert search started in every country for every search.
other than the English language the bert is also searching in six different languages that are Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, German, Amharic. this means if your website is in English or in Hindi. The effects of bert may be created on your website or vlogs traffic. so today I am going to talk about the bert update, what happens when we use this update, and how we can take the advantage of this update. Understanding any language is a difficult task for SEO and any other computer device. basically, bert is stand for bidirectional encoder representations from transformers. Bert is a neural language model. Bert helps a computer system to easily understand the different languages in a natural way. In the full form of bert first name is bidirectional which means two directions. Next to it happen the second word and behind it is the second word. its means it has two directions. Apart from Burt, all the language models start falling in one sentence, this is left to right here, right to left, that is, they start reading from the same direction. that is, they are unidirectional. Bert starts reading in both sentences simultaneously. By which the meaning of the whole sentence can be extracted at once, it is called bidirectional. this is called Bert.