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Why is Twitter more preferd then Facebook


In twitter, we only see the post or tweets of people to whom we follow.

But in Facebook, our timeline is flooded with posts of our friends (organic post) and there activity, friends of friend's posts and activity and also we see post like xyz friend liked this page, and xyz friend's photo or their comments and etc.

So Facebook shows a lot of activities but twitter is restricted to personal tweets and retweets. Content on twitter is less, straight and on point!

As I was surfing on web about this I found out this which I really liked and you will relate:

Facebook Is a PC; Twitter Is a Mac: 

If you’re familiar with the Mac/PC commercials, this is the best way to describe the difference between Facebook and Twitter; Mark Zuckerberg created the functional Zune of social networking, whereas Jack Dorsey created the intuitive iPod. While Facebook is a great app for keeping up with your uncool uncle, Twitter is where you can keep up-to-date on specialized information personalized by you.


Why twitter is nowdays preffered more over facebook bcoz of the following reasons

1 twitter is short crisp and very fast responsive as it limits contents and characters so it will put relevant point infront of you very fastly and bcoz of the same it is  also considered as mobile friendly app.indeed its live, responsive and stuff gets done fast

2. Using hashtag with your thought or topic in twitter will climb your topic so fastly that it might come into picture among many people who are intrested in that particular topic while in fb also we can make use of hashtags but it gradually put infront of public so indicates it forgets to put your thinking infront of whole community

3. Facebook reach is limited to friends.

On Facebook your reach is very limited. If you have 253 friends then they’re pretty much the only people who will see your post if they’re online at that time. Yes they can share it, but it’s not as common practice on Facebook.


very nice points Kunal



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