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How to increase the organic reach of the Facebook Post

We very well know that the organic reach of Facebook is very low, its almost less then 1%. So in this situation is there any way that we can increase the organic reach of my Facebook Post.



By consistently posting great content that attracts most engagement from the masses. This way, Our content would seem relevant and engaging to the Facebook algorithm as it recieves more engagement from the followers.


This would increase the Organic reach of our Facebook post.


Once again, CONENT IS THE KING!!!

Agreeing with the above post..

We can go for

Group sharing;

Use of hashtags;

Post Engagement content (like MENTION YOUR FRIEND, TAG YOUR FRIEND) as per social media calendar which includes motivational posts, offer posts, promo posts, review posts, blog posts, product post, event posts, etc;

Post trending content as per google trends;

Research on viral content and study of competitor's page;

Post as per audience insights which include timing, demographics, and Interests; et cetera.

One of the best way to increase the organic reach is by the optimum use of Facebook live feature.

Facebook organic reach can be increased by following few ways:

1. Analysing the best time when your user/followers are most active .

2. Posting on Facebook when your competition is least active.

3. Scheduling your content and post on timely basis like every 12 hours or maybe every 8 hours more more traffic.

4. Engaging content like questions, polls or videos which can initiate talks on comments and can increase shares.

Besides agreeing with the fact that content is 'the king' one should also know how to make the content reach out to people.

As piyush has mentioned, using appropriate hashtags, mentions, sharing the post links on various other social media platforms where the reach is way higher than Facebook would in a way create an awareness. This would persuade people to follow your content and one would see a huge improvement in their organic reach.

By creating different post types we can increase organic reach. Some people may like to watch video and share only video contents, on the other hand some people might be more likely to share photos or text contents. So, by creating mixture of post types we can get views from variety of users.

Though organic reach is not as effective as paid ads..but still they do help us.. I think we can do that via evergreen posts with which people connect a lot..using videos.. We can also partner with other fb pages in our niche(which will help both of us).. also publishing more interactive posts like contests will engage my audience..increasing my more the people engage with our post more will be our reach..

Yes, it is difficult to increase reach organically; especially because of the Facebook algorithm.

But if we can follow a couple of steps then algorithm might be tempted to increase reach organically.

Firstly, I would suggest posting contents which can get in a lot of engagements, like Q/A or opinions/suggestions. Secondly, any kind of video or live streaming is more advisable to post as the chances of modification is less and limited. Finally, I believe that the timing of the post should be kept on the mind, keeping your target audience as utmost priority.

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