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Fred grew fat or new kid in town?

A couple of weeks ago I learnt that a broad core algorithm update is being released by Google to better rank websites and pages in their SERP.

I also knew about this update called Fred which is underway for a couple of years or so but only officially named earlier last year. When I dug deeper about broad core update, I found it to be mostly similar to Fred only of much larger scale.

So I sit today perplexed thinking if they are really two separate set of updates or one and the same. Any help?

In general both updates focuses on user experience of the pages, but to be precisse

Fred focuses on pages having less ads and more content

Google calls it "Ad Heavy Low Value Content Sites"

But Broad Core update focuses on content being great ,
Now question arises what makes content great,

What makes content great is revealed in the positive response of that site visitor to your content. How convenient it is, how easy it is to find an answer, how easy it is to compare products – all of those user experience features put together are what makes content great.


That's some good information which leads to my next question being - can websites actually recover after being negatively hit - by saying no is Google refusing to tell a workaround or are they now keeping a record of the websites that they are penalizing or is it merely competition with others and hence no specific answer for a particular website?


As far as I understood , there is no particular process to again increase your ranking once you have been hit negatively, but to come up again you need to make sure your content is great or should say greater than your competition to rank better than them , great as mentioned in the previous answer......

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