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Changes That google has adopted in terms of ads placement

Earlier the ads in SERP used to come in two places :-


1. In the list

2. On the right hand side of SERP

But if we notice now a days the ads are not coming in the right hand side of the google .

Can you guess why google had stopped showing ads in the right hand side of SERP

Google has already made measurable moves towards mobile first designs (prioritizing on mobile ready & mobile optimized websites for SEO). Also, mobiles, don’t support right-side ads. As a mobile advertiser, one competes for only 3 ads, instead of 11.  So, in a way, this could be Google’s way to standardize their advertising ecosystem across device.

As you may know, right-side elements such as ‘knowledge panels’ and ‘Product Listing Ads’ released in the recent past. The right-side ads were getting pushed below the first fold. With this change, its possible that Google may be making space for more PLA’s which have historically performed better for advertisers.



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