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For Developers


9 OCTOBER 2021 PRIYANSHU (WEEKEND BATCH) GOOGLE - PANDA UPDATE A COMPLETE GUIDE : WHAT IS THE GOOGLE PANDA UPDATE ? Google panda update was first introduced in the year 2011 and was basically designed to eliminate the unethical trick and tactics of SEO which is also...

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All about Google Panda SEO Update

All about Google’s Panda SEO Update Google Panda update was introduced in Feb 2011 as a measure to remove or penalize thin or poor content. It was mainly designed as a part of Google’s quest to eliminate black hat SEO tactics and webspam. The principal objective of...

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Panda Update

Giant panda was first launched on Feb 23,2011. Panda update was brought with a motive to reduce webspam. It served the purpose of ranking high quality website at the top and lowering the low quality website in organic search results of Google. IT was given the...

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What is ROAS bidding strategy

WHAT ARE ROA'S AND WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? Return on ad spends is a marketing metric that determines how much money is made for every dollar invested. ROAs assist internet firms in determining which tactics are effective and how to improve in the future. AT A GLANCE,...

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Maximize conversion

 Topic :- Maximize conversion  Maximize Conversions sets bids in order to capture the largest number of conversions for the retailer's budget, based on historical campaign performance and auction data. Maximize Conversions is not an ROI strategy which means Google...

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Maximize clicks

Maximize clicks. Definition. With Maximizes Clicks, you set an average daily budget and the Google Ads system automatically sets your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids on your behalf, to get you the most clicks possible within that budget. For more control, you can...

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What Is Google Hummingbird Update

It's no joke that I personally receive 5 emails a day from SEO companies that promise better results, they have no idea what the keywords are and haven't even looked at my website. In addition, I receive calls from medical practice websites that have been punished by...

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What Is Google Mobile Update

Like all Google updates, the mobile update is designed to improve search results for users. Unlike traditional adjustments to search engine algorithms that affect queries, the impact of mobile updates on mobile queues is limited. Even if a site is not optimized for...

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For Designers

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update April 2012 marked the release of the Penguin update. Web spam is the sole focus of this update. It made adjustments to keywords stuffing, links coming from spam pages, anchor texts and links relevant to spam. Penguin detects over-optimization of...

penguin update

PENGUIN UPDATE Google penguin is an algorithm launched on - April 24,2012 Initially it was launched as a separate filter and went through 10 document updates over the time. But in september 2016, Google announced that penguin is now part of its core algorithm. Google...


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