Target CPA allows google to set a bid amount for you which will be equivalent to your Actual CPA. Google decides this bid amount based on historical data which pertains to how your advertisement has performed in the last few weeks. Based on this data, google tries to make sure that you get maximum number of clicks on your advertisement at the desired CPA aka Target CPA. Now there are certain factors outside of control of google which may drive the actual CPA more than Target such as changes in your website. Now there are two scenarios as far as setting Target CPA is concerned. One of them as mentioned above is that google sets the Target CPA. But that is only possible when historical data is available. However, second scenario is that the user can set his Target CPA if the historical data of his or her ad performance is not present i.e if the advertisement is new. Historical data of advertisement performance is only considered for timeline of past few weeks and not past few days. User can also use allow google to set max bid amount by mentioning the ajustment he or she is willing to make on his willingness to pay above target CPA. This same adjustment can be oriented as per device as well. For example, having a target CPA of lets say 8 Rs, I can set that this amount is CPA for only laptops but for mobile devices it would be Rs 12. 

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