A fog fan is an evaporative air cooler (also known as a swamp cooler) that applies the physical laws of evaporation, a process that takes place inside the unit. The air that leaves the device contains water vapor, not water droplets. Fog fans are suitable for outdoor use, but if you wish, your fan can also give you a surprise shower in the living room.
The name is self-explanatory: the device cools the air by evaporating moisture. Also called swamp coolers, they have a moisture cushion that absorbs water from the tank and a fan that draws air into the cooler and conducts it through the cushion. Water droplets evaporate from the pad, reducing the temperature of the air flowing out of the radiator.
Air coolers are good at moving heat away from the CPU, but remember that the heat is distributed in the case. This can increase the ambient temperature of the system. Liquid coolers transfer heat better from the system to the fans and radiators.
Manufacturers are also developing new materials to reinforce existing ones. For example, we use a patented Eva breeze material to filter evaporating air in coolers based on mineral fibre pads (so-called filter cartridges) because it provides a better surface for evaporation and does not build up bacteria.
Honeywell evaporative air coolers (also called swamp coolers) are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective cooling option for your home or office. These coolers consist of two motorized components: a pump and a fan. Just like the breeze that blows through a lake, refreshes and cools the air, you can feel the waterfall of an air cooler that creates a pleasant cool breeze through the natural process of water evaporation.
In mild weather, you can use an evaporative cooler as a full-house fan. In pure ventilation mode, the water pump does not work and the outside air cannot be humidified. Some evaporative coolers have two speeds, but venting is only one option.
Portable air coolers are a great option to brave the summer heat. They are also ideal for use at home or in the office. You can create a comfortable space to work or sleep, and you don’t have to rely on your landlord or neighbour to install bulky appliances.