Ad groups are those which contain more than the one ads based on the single theme, it is a part of the hierarchy structure of ads. In google ads you can run 10,000 ad campaigns and under that, you can run 20,000 ad group and 50 ad copy under an ad group. This hierarchy works the same for all the digital ad platforms whether it is Google ads, Facebook, Twitter, Bing ads or any other platform.

Ad groups are created to separate the campaign in different groups according to the different theme but this doesn’t mean you can run an ad without ad group, ad group is important and it is a mandatory part, you have to create an ad group even you have a single theme.

Targeting different ad groups is whole different thing whereas you can run a successful ad by using a single ad campaign with one ad group and only single ad copy and one keyword only. So the question arises that why do we require multiple ad groups and in order to understand that we should know the benefits of making different ad groups. Here are the few major advantages to targeting the multiple ad groups –

Performance monitoring

If you are running an ad campaign under a single ad group then performance tracking would be difficult and tracking will also very difficult as there will be a number of keywords targeting different theme and constant changes are also been done in a campaign which also leads to confusion.

Above problems can be resolved through different ad groups, they can sort the things and you can easily track the campaign. You can devide the groups according to the different keywords, theme, location, product, and any other additional things which is been observed after running the campaign.

Individual bids

Ad groups also gives you an opportunity to set the bid separately for the different ad group, you can set the bid according to the different keywords and different location and other factors. This will lead to the lower in cost and increase the revenue. Setting an individual bid will give you the best ROI in a campaign as you specify the bid and only

Budget control

Budget control is also the one of the best benefit of creating the different ad groups, under this you can allocate the budget as per the requirement of the different ad group all these directly impact your total budget of the campaign.

When you allocate your full budget in a campaign with single ad group that can be risky but when you divide your budget in different ad groups then it gives you the best possible results.

Better targeting of long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords provide better results than normal keywords. You can add similar long tail keywords in one group and others in different groups. It will make one ad group more relevant than adding all the keywords in single ad group only. It will lead to better targeting.

These are the major benefits of creating the ad groups and if you are creating an ad group when you have multiple keywords then you must be doing something wrong. Experts also ask to make the different ad group according to the different keyword because it gives the better value to your ad campaign. Now you must have get the knowledge that why different ad groups are created in a campaign and what are its benefits.

Creating a perfect ad campaign is inclusive of different ad groups but it doesn’t mean that single ad group campaign are wrong and non-optimized, if you running the on a single keyword or a theme then you can successful run an ad campaign without multiple ad campaign but if you have different ad theme, location and keywords then you should always create multiple ad group to optimize the ad campaign.